In October 2017, Kelsey-Seybold renamed its flagship clinic near the Texas Medical Center in honor of Spencer R. Berthelsen, M.D., retired Chairman of the Board and Managing Director.

The Berthelsen Main Campus also houses our nationally accredited Cancer Center, Breast Diagnostic Center, and Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). Recently expanded, the ASC is now the largest freestanding ASC in Texas.

Memorial Villages Campus

1001 Campbell Road
Houston, TX 77055



Shane Magee, MD

Spring Valley Village

The Memorial and Spring Branch area is located west of Downtown, northwest of Uptown. Both very different communities. Spring Branch is a modest suburban area that offers mid-century style homes that homeowners are now renovating and redeveloping. Memorial is an upscale, wooded neighborhood that features huge lots and mansion style homes. Both have plenty of urban-style shopping areas, dining, as well as private and public schools.

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